How to Select and Upload WordPress Themes for your Website


When starting a new website what comes next after Purchasing a Domain and a Hosting plan for the site is to select a preferable theme for your WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to host and build a website. It contains plugins and a template system to customize any website to fit your business blog, portfolio, or entire site.

Types of WordPress Theme

Premium themes
Free themes

Premium Themes

Premium themes are used when you have a specific industry or type of website that you creating such as a dentist, cafe, or software company.

It is preferable to go for a premium website because you will have industry-specific tools included in the theme, Such as an appointment scheduler for a dentist or table reservation for cafes.


Free Themes

If you setting up a blog or personal website, then a free theme would be okay to use, these themes come freely with WordPress.

Steps in choosing a WordPress theme.

1.  Write down a list of features you would love your website to have.

Do you have to take into account what is your goal with your website? Let’s use a dentist as an example, as you can imagine the goal of the website would be to book appointments, display contact details, and maybe show services and prices.

So that means for features we want:
– Appointment booking widget
– Easy to find and use contact details
– Price page or price table

2. Search For your industry and view results

The next step is to check on ThemeForest and search for the type of website you want, then go through the options you see do this until you find like 5-10 eye-catching options.

3. Check the theme demos

for each of these potential themes, you need to check the demos.

Because it’s so much easier to start a website if you have some structure already in place and you mostly need to change the text & colors. So let’s take a look few of the dentist’s websites.

Remember your goals for the website, you are looking if the demo theme has the features you want. And that it looks more or less like you want it to look.

Remember that you will probably have to change these images, so make sure you have something similar or that you can take a photo like this.

STEP 4 Eliminate options that don’t fit your needs.

While looking at the demos, just close the tabs with themes that don’t match your criteria.
Do this until you have 2-3 options that you are happy with.

STEP 5 Decision time

In short, it’s time for you to select a wp theme.
Look at the theme layouts, reviews, the popularity of the developer, and price.
And based on these, the last step is to make a decision.
For me, the most important criteria for a theme is that it fits my layout and feature needs.

I also want the theme to load fast, so I run the demo site through the speed testing tool.
I’ll leave a link to this tool in the description. But basically, anything above 90 is good.

After that, I make sure that the theme has some reviews & sales. Also, I like to check if the developers of the theme are active. If they are, that means the theme will probably get updates and they have support if there are any issues with the theme.

And obviously, I look at the price, although there is not that much difference if you think about it in the bigger picture. The more expensive the theme the more features it has.

Install a WordPress Theme

1 Install the theme by using a WordPress Search

Go to WordPress dashboard, then click on appearance, themes then add new, then select the theme and click install then activate your theme.

2 Find the theme using a google Search

Google the type of site you want to use put the type and add a WordPress theme

Download the theme you want to install on WordPress, it comes in a Zip format then go back to word press dashboard then click upload theme and select then install the theme and click activate.

How to Delete a Word press Theme

Click the theme and press, deleting a WordPress theme would increase the WordPress speed and security.

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