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Token Logic

BEP20 Standard

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20.


Ecozeen token has a total supply of 5,000,000,000,000 (5 Trillion) tokens. Our tokenomics is shared in a total ratio of 25% total locked up tokens, 25% total reserves and 50% total token in market opened for pre-sale.

Liquidity Pool

In Decentralized Finance (DeFi), liquidity pools are pools of tokens that are locked into a smart contract and that facilitate efficient asset trading while allowing investors to earn a return on their holdings.


The Ecozeen Token Is A Community Focused On Using DeFi Protocols To Influence peoples perspective towards technology.

Ecozeen Token Exchange is a revolutionary new idea that will bring tokenomics to how the world prospect technology and it’s yet to come advancements.

About Ecozeen Token

Ecozeen Token is a revolutionary crypto asset intended for the technological growth and advancement of new technologies and technological advancements.


To provide multiple utilities for Ecozeen Token holders and make it a native asset that is interoperable across the world of technology.


To make a community as strong so that Ecozeen Token becomes a buzzword among tech enthusiast.

How We Help

We've created a platform that helps investors gain long-term financial achievements, make a social impact, and participate in making the global space more conducive by improving technology in all aspects.

Binance Smart-chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a high-end block-chain infrastructure developed by Binance, a global pioneer in block-chain solutions.

Safe & Secure

As all of the data is stored on blockchain, our system is Safe & Secure to use.