What is Woocommerce for WordPress and how to get started?


What exactly is Woocommerce for WordPress?

WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin that is open-source. The plugin, which was released on September 27, 2011, quickly gained popularity due to its ease of installation and customization, as well as the freeware status of the basic product.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an online store.

WordPress acts as the operating system for your website, and it is also the most common way to create a website.

WooCommerce is a plugin that turns the WordPress operating system into a fully functional eCommerce store.

WooCommerce is also the most common solution to create an eCommerce store for a profitable website. It is used by 25% of the top 1 million websites in the world.

Why Is Woocommerce So Popular?

WooCommerce is a popular way to establish an eCommerce shop for a variety of reasons:

  • WooCommerce is free.
  • WooCommerce is open source. Anyone can practically audit, modify, or extend the code.
  • WooCommerce is extensible. Using something called “plugins”, you can add all kinds of new functionality to your store without the need for any technical knowledge.
  • WooCommerce works on all devices.
  • WooCommerce looks how you want it to. Using something called “themes”, you can control exactly how your store looks.
  • WooCommerce is secure.

How to get started with woocommerce?

Choose Hosting?

You need to be running WordPress on a self-hosted site.

Buy a web hosting plan, you can use either of the web hosting companies named below?

Install WordPress

Now you have a space to start building your website. To lay a foundation, use the free WordPress software platform.

Many hosting companies have one-click WordPress installation available, so be sure to look for this option or ask if it’s available. Otherwise, you can download from WordPress.org and then install by following instructions at: How to install WordPress

Activate WooCommerce

With your website up and running, it’s time to install e-commerce functionality with WooCommerce. There are three ways to do this.

  • Create a free account on WooCommerce.com
    • Sign-up for an account on WordPress.com and WooCommerce.com
    • Select from:
      • A pre-installed solution with a trusted host
      • Auto-installing WooCommerce if you have a WordPress site already
      • Download the zip file and do it yourself
  • Install WooCommerce
    • Download the WooCommerce plugin
      • Download the plugin
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
      • Select the downloaded plugin
      • Install
      • Activate
    • Search for the WooCommerce plugin from within your website
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
      • Search for “WooCommerce”
      • Install
      • Activate

Upon activating the plugin, you are prompted with a Setup Wizard. We strongly advise following these steps, as it takes you through initial setup.

Pick a Theme

In the Setup Wizard mentioned above, you will be asked to pick a theme. The theme you choose will determine the starting look and layout of your store/site (though you can customize it from there!). You can use a free theme included with WordPress or purchase a premium theme.

We recommend Storefront and its child themes because they are built and optimized for WooCommerce. Storefront is free. If you wish to add more functionality, you can buy a cheap premium plugin from ecozeen tech WP Themes page below.


Extend Woocommerce

Grow your store by adding functionality with extensions. There is extensions for nearly everything: Subscriptions, Bookings, Memberships, payment gateways, shipping and much more.

You can start a store/website for free and scale up as your customer base and revenue grow.

How to get Woocommerce extensions very cheap?

Below is a linked page to some popular wooCommerce extensions on ecozeen tech that will help store owners expand and add new, special, premium features to there wooCommerce stores.




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